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    by Published on 02-09-2015 12:21 PM

    Ewald Performance is Carbotech Performance Brakes newest authorized dealer. I've been part of SPDA for a number of years and appreciate the enthusiasm and support of this community for motorsport. Please ensure you let me know you're a member of SPDA when you chat with me.

    Eleven years ago I was leading a Porsche Cayman between turn one and two at TMP. I was feeling pretty good about myself and my car (okay, he was closing in on me very fast, but I still was ahead!) until I stepped on the brake to prepare for the turn. Nothing. Had brakes in turn one. Had been out all day - it was now late afternoon - and great braking. Until now. As I bounced off the end of the track I observed that at one point this grassy area had been paved. Curious how you observe inconsequential things as you're travelling out of control and have little to do except pump the brake pedal and hope that the non-existent brakes kick in.

    That was my first experience with brake fade. Fortunately it occurred at a part of the track where there was sufficient run-off room for the car to slow on its own and where the only damage was to my pride. This started me on my quest for better brakes. I was running stock Nissan brake pads and Nissan brake fluid. They were and are good quality products and I have no hesitation recommending them - but not for the race track.

    My search for better stopping power led me to Carbotech Performance Brakes. Honestly, I stopped looking further after my first set because I was so impressed with them. I put Carbotech XP10 on the front of my Nissan NX and stock brake pads on the rear for that first year of upgrading to see if they were better. They were. I also upgraded to Motul RBF600 brake fluid. Stainless flex lines also. The following year Carbotech XP8s went on the rear. The year after that - 2007 - I approached Carbotech and held the first of what has become an annual event - Carbotech Performance Brake Pad group buys. In 2014 I was accepted as an authorized Carbotech Performance Brake Pad dealer. As such I can get you Carbotech products throughout the year - including Carbotech wheel cleaner (a necessity with performance brake pads), Motul RBF600 brake fluid, and Castrol SRF brake fluid.

    I send my kids out onto the race track in my 300 whp Nissan, knowing that A) they've been instructed by some of the best instructors around (almost all were SPDA members) and B) they've got the best brakes available. The Nissan now has XP12s up front with a Wilwood Superlite Caliper setup; the rear is still XP8 and an OEM caliper. I'm part of a ChumpCar Canada team and the Miata ChumpCar runs XP8 on the front and rear in 6, 7, and 8 hour endurance races. On my Ford E450 RV/tow vehicle I have Carbotech 1521s front and rear. 1521s on my wife's Altima and AX6s on my Mazda RX8.

    If you want to enjoy your car at the track, make sure that you have a great braking system. Carbotech Performance Brakes motto is "We take you deeper into the corners & across the finish line first". I will add, they keep you and your family safe.

    Frank Ewald

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