View Full Version : Awesome - STi vs EVO on "Forum Wars"

12-16-2011, 02:24 PM
The classic rivalry is highlighted here featuring the EvolutionM and NASIOC forums in a battle on the track at Royal Purple Raceway.


12-16-2011, 06:00 PM
Just a bit of a gap in driver experience there. I was really surprised at how far ahead the EVOX was in the drag race.

12-16-2011, 06:30 PM
Using the AJ Designer software, HP of the Evo is at 388 and the STi at 280 for run times. I'd want to know the weight difference between the two drivers, but assuming 175lbs each.

Trap speeds put the evo at 358 and Sti 291.

I'd be guessing driver error, clutch slip, or 100lb difference in driver weights. :) Or is that the effect of a front mount vs. top mount on launch HP?



CCC has used the trap speed formula for manufacturer claimed HP logic checks before.

12-16-2011, 10:11 PM
It looks like the Sti got the jump on the start of the drag but looking at the car pitch he may have bogged the car.


12-17-2011, 12:46 AM
I think that they need a Time Attack lap or Touge to settle these Forum wars. A simple seven second launch (drag) and slalom (didn't we just watch an autoslalom?) isn't a "settler". Where's the track speed???

12-17-2011, 07:04 PM
I remember reading something on nasioc about the STi being well down on power. Can't recall the reason for it though. He knew going into it that he was getting smoked on the drag race though.

12-17-2011, 09:21 PM
sti driver is james wilson, he's got 11wrx that competes in Dstock USA nationals. he didn't do too well this year as he was on goodyear tires 295's. doesn't have the same grip as hoosiers. the sti in the vid was loaned out to him for the show.

12-18-2011, 12:55 AM
Here's a funny match up on 5th Gear. Make sure you watch the end:


I sure am happy BBC replaced Tiff with Jeremy on Top Gear...