• ASN Canada


    Canada's National Motorsports Sanctioning Authority

    The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in Paris, France, is the governing body for all motoring in the world and separates motoring into Touring and Sporting activities.

    The FIA delegates authority to countries around the world. There can be two delegates within a country, one for Touring and one for Sporting. The Sporting authority is called the National Sporting Authority (ASN)

    The FIA has delegated the Touring authority in Canada to our fellow FIA member, the Canadian Automobile Association.

    The FIA has delegated the Sporting authority to ASN Canada FIA which governs amateur and professional motorsport in Canada. Please go to "ASN Affiliates" to see our Canadian structure.

    How ASN Canada FIA serves our Canadian motorsport community...

    Our focus is safe and fair motorsport competition...

    • We directly sanction International and National motorsport events.
    • We sanction Regional motorsport events through our affiliates.
    • We arrange the listing of events on the FIA International motorsport calendar.
    • We maintain competition and technical regulations and guidelines for Canadian motorsport.
    • We resolve disputes involving competition matters.
    • We manage a program of insurance products for our affiliates and members.
    • We licence competition drivers according to a set of qualification criteria.
    • We facilitate competition licence matters for Canadians who compete outside of Canada.
    • We licence Race Officials.
    • We conduct training sessions for Race Officials.
    • We licence race tracks that host sanctioned events.
    • We advise on upgrading competition facilities.
    • We authorize competition driving schools.