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    2016 Advanced Driving Clinic, Presented by SPDA, Toyo Tires, and JRP
    April 23 and 24th at the Powerade Centre in Brampton, Ontario

    DAY 1 - 30 Spots
    DAY 2 - 50 Spots

    Cost for the clinic:
    SPDA Driving Clinic both days = $130.00
    SPDA Driving Clinic Day 1 only = $80
    SPDA Driving Clinic Day 2 only = $60

    Registration to this event will be open on Saturday April 2nd, 2016 at 11:30 AM SHARP. It usually sells out in less than 30 minutes.
    Registration Location:

    2344 S Sheridan Way
    Mississauga, ON

    PayPal Registration:
    Will be posted the day registration opens.
    Any online registration received prior to 11:30AM on April 2nd will be refunded, details to follow shortly.

    SPDA continues it's tradition of offering first class instruction with a focus on lots of "Hands On" training for a value price. This event is open to all cars with instruction provided by qualified instructors. In car instruction will provide the students with narrative, and positive reinforcement in how to properly negotiate the exercises. The 2 day event is intended to be informative and fun, with focus on "FUN".

    Pre-Requisite: All drivers must be Legally Licensed in Canada with a valid drivers licence.
    Automobiles must belong to the driver, or must have a consent form from the owner to be used for this type of event.

    Day 1 Agenda:

    Advanced Driver Training - Phase 1
    9:00 – 3:30

    The first day focuses on assisting the driver to get better acquainted with their cars. The exercises being instructed throughout the day will instill confidence in the student and teach the driver about how to exploit the limits of their cars in a safe controlled environment. Drivers will learn the limits of their daily driver through exercises specifically designed to get the driver and vehicle better acquainted with each other:

    (Classroom) (30-45 min)
    General overview of principal that will be learned throughout the day.

    (In Car Instruction)
    Seating Position
    Feet Position
    Hand Position
    Skidpads: Instruct the student to recognize “Understeer” and “Oversteer”
    Figure 8’s: Weight Transfer, Braking Points, Controlled Entry and Exit
    Threshold Braking, Braking with ABS
    Parallel Slaloms: Transitions
    Mock Autocross Course: Reward at the end of the day

    Pre-Requisite Day 2: Drivers must have had the basic instruction similar to Day 1, must have participated in other autoslalom schools, or club series competitive Autoslaloms.

    Day 2: Advanced Driver Training – Phase 2
    (9:00 - 4:00)

    Day 2 focuses on increasing the driver confidence through setup techniques. In addition to the lessons learned in Day 1, this day focuses on higher speed ingress and egress techniques. Day 2 focuses on putting to practice all the items learned on Day 1, and will teach the student to look farther ahead, and to plan their course.

    Day 2 Agenda:

    Theory Discussion: Q&A about setup truths vs fiction
    Course Walk: Teaches the newcomer on how to read the layout of the track
    Tire Pressures: Effect of Tire Pressures on driving dynamics
    Trail Braking
    In Car Instruction: Instructors Provided if required
    Autocross Instruction the entire day
    Timing equipment will be on the premises but the event will not be formally timed.

    Requirements for the clinic:
    Appropriate Clothing - this event occurs outdoors
    Umbrella (Rain or Shine)
    Closed Shoes - No Sandals or heals
    Food for Lunch - Lots of places to eat nearby
    Drivers License
    Automobile Registration
    Positive Mental Attitude - Ready to have the best time of your life with your clothes on.

    We have something special in store for you!

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