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    Published on 04-01-2015 02:49 PM
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    SPDA offers our Friends with Benefits Sponsorship!

    Purpose: To encourage more NEW OTA competitors to enter SPDA’s CTMP Grand Prix Track and SMP school and events, have some fun, and grow the OTA competitor base!

    Details: If you’re new to CASC-OR Time Attack, and you bring two other people who are new to CASC-OR time attack to our events with you, we’ll sponsor 10% of the entry costs for the three of you and offer you free SPDA membership for the year if you would like it. We’re sure that once new competitors experience our events, that they’ll stick with us! We are willing to make this retroactive to the Open House if a competitor (e.g.: Michael Gardner) would get two friends to come along with him to the events.

    OTA Benefits:

    - Complimentary morning coaching for new competitors
    - CASC-OR trained and licensed instructors at our schools
    - 100% of event track time is dedicated to Time Attack
    - Full complement of Marshals, Ambulance, and now Track Rescue Services at every event for competitor safety
    - Reliable and accurate timing system
    - Performance indexed classing system (Biggest budget doesn’t dominate)
    - Proven and efficiently run daily organization ensures maximum time on track!

    Fine Print: Maximum five groups of three per event day (15 sponsorships by SPDA per day)

    So don't hesitate, grab some friends, and get registered!

    Contact ontariotimeattack at gmail [dddooottt] com to register! FORM HERE
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