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Thread: Infinite Monkeys Rally

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    Infinite Monkeys Rally

    The 3rd running of the Infinite Monkeys navigational car rally is coming up this Aug 15! Just like last year, there will be 4 classes of competition to choose from: Novice, Intermediate, and Expert, earning you points towards the Ontario Road Rally Cup; plus Touring Class, which will be as simple as you can get and will earn the winner no points, only prizes...and rally experience!
    The new start location this year is at a Tim Horton's in Newmarket: closer to city folks and east enders, and you can charge up on everyone's favourite coffee during registration and the beginner's tutorial! Also new this year is the prizes: bigger, better, more exciting monkeys! raffle for door prizes! and trophies to 4th place in Novice rather than just to 3rd!

    Full details and flyer are at the Monkeys website,
    Or contact me at with any questions you might have!
    Hope to see you there!

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    [img width=500][/img]

    [size=xx-large]Haven't you always wanted a monkey??[/size]

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    If I had a million dollars... :-D
    \"Ma plez...\"


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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Don't forget the "IMR", coming to Newmarket in just 3 weeks! Good news/bad news: a bunch of our roads have been paved since we laid out the route! The nerve of them! But the plus is that if you have a delicate car, there's a bit less gravel to worry about, yet the instructions and the scenery will be just as much fun! So come on out! Grab a partner -- the monkeys want to see you there!!

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    STeveD are you going to be able to finish the rally in time for DAVENPORT SUBARU night at Barrie??
    Oh and to come get my autograph at the driver Autograph Session ?

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Yes, I was able to make it to Barrie! I wish that I felt comfortable pushing harder at Barrie, but it's like an Autoslalom it's so short!

    The rally was really good! Deceptively simple, with just the right number of gotchas thrown in. The Moores designed a really good one!

    First, congratulations must go to Ted and Trevor, who were the only novice team to manage a sub-20 point score! 1.8 total penalties is darned good and they deserved the win!

    Everything was going tickety boo for us. Section 4, a "find the shortest route through the map with certain constraints" section was the only spot where we hit some trouble. We chose the wrong route, we ignored some indicators (well, chose to soldier on anyway) and we missed CP7. Two other teams missed CP7 as well, so we were in good company. When we realized that we had missed it, we half-wanted to figure out what was wrong, but we focused on dropping the topic and sorting it out later. The damage was done, so we had to make sure that no more errors occurred.

    So when we came in at the end of the rally, knowing that we blew it, we found out that T & T had only 1.8. Ah well, we drowned our sorrows in some good food!

    What I was really pleased with at the end of it all, is that aside from that one error, we took only 0.6 penalty points! That's the best that we've ever done with timing! Opal even managed to get us back on time after our CP7 error and zero the next checkpoint! That act earned her the Top Banana award, and she deserved it!

    Then it became obvious that some other novice teams were still missing after a while. Hrmmm. I look at the scoreboard, and although two teams handn't been fully scored, we were in a steady second place with 20.6 points! Holy Crap! That's how tough it turned out that novice instructions were! Good teams like Kulikowski & Sutherland and Burgess and Ford were also over 20!

    And that's how it ended up, with us in second, K&S in third. Tim Laye was so impressed with Opal's Top Banana award that he started making inquiries to steal her away from me for his intermediate class navigator next year. :-x

    So on the one hand, yes, we missed an opportunity to win. And there's no doubt at this point that the novice driver's championship will be decided by # of 1st place finishes. Things are heading the same way in the navigator championship.

    But on the other hand, aside from the one mistake... only 0.6 cumulative points from the other CP's, and I think nine zeroed CP's in one rally! More than half of them... and we didn't use ANY Time Allowances! A first for us!

    We were also able to take some pleasure in the fact that any time that we screw up and Trevor and Ted beat us... they only manage to pull ahead by one point! The look on their faces when they found out that we were second was... priceless! Probably the only faces more shocked than T2 were ours!

    We're in good shape going into the final three events. One win for our team at President's Prize or Open Road and I'll have the driver's championship locked. Opal will need one or perhaps two wins depending on how the next two events shake out. But it's looking good for us!

    I'm enjoying this series! And even more, looking forward to next year in intermediate!

    Wow! Results are already up! Read 'em and weap!:

    Side note: With only one MLRC team documented in that event, I do believe that SPDA has now taken the lead in the ORRC Club Championship! We'd stil appreciate more maniacal fools like us out there, though!

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Anna and I would like to try one of these! There is no experience necessary right? D owe need a school first or can we just show up and go?
    Hi, my nickname is \"Smiley\".

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    No experience is required. Both the driver and navigator should read through the available beginner guides though, as some of the common instructions require a bit of explanation. Steve compiled a great list in a previous thread: #forumpost27907

    Aside from that, many of the rallies will have a short beginner class for first time competitors just before the event starts (typically 10 to 20 minutes of what to expect).

    Just try to find the route your first few races. Getting the timing right is definitely secondary until you've been through a few events.


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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Thanks to Rita and Paul, and all the volunteers for putting on another great event.

    Ted and I had a generally smooth run in this years IMR, but it wasn't without a few glitches. Our first was a missed turn during the Odo check. We tried to correct it, but our calculations ended up being a little off, which affected our Odo readings throughout the entire event. Although it wasn't out far enough to cause problems finding the roads, it meant that on long stages we couldn't get accurate timing except at instruction points (where a distance is given in the instructions).

    We decided that making this error in the worst possible place would be our "good omen", with karma balancing out the rest of our rally positively. For the most part, that turned out to be true. Ted kept us on track through the event, even catching a few turn errors I would have made due to lack of sleep.

    From the drivers perspective, we struggled a little in the columns section, as I had caught up to Ted's decryption of the instructions. We were able to catch all our errors though, and finish without further problems.

    We needed this win to push Steve and Opal for the season championship. Dropping the two low scores of the season as per the norm, this event has us tied for first place at 38 points for both drivers and navigators. The seasons final events will prove to be critical, with only two events left for Steve and I, while Opal and Ted pick up new drivers for the First Frost rally, (which Steve and I are organizing).


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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Trung, just these two files would include more than you would need to know to run the KWRC mini rally next Saturday:

    The basic instruction styles ONLY of this page:

    If you ask them to, Martin and Dennis will go over the instruction styles you're likely to see before the Mini-Rally starts. Here's the event info:

    Things that are good to have in the car are listed below. However, nothing but a single writing instrument is really essential:

    Pencil, pen, clipboard, a watch that times to the second, calculator, and a GPS unit if you have one (indicating upcoming roads, and the compass direction that you're travelling in.)

    The maplight on the STi is adequate to read by, but will put some glare on the windshield. Cover it or turn it off at stop signs when it's dark.

    KWRC SNATR's are really this simplest entry point to the sport. THey usually even include a break after one hour on the road, and kids riding in the back would probably be fine.

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    Again, thanks to Paul and Rita for a great rally! The expert instructions were a definite challenge, but not to the point of not being doable. There were times when I was only up 3 or 4 instructions ahead of Jane. Who knew that palamino and sorrel were colours of horses and not types?! I made a couple of errors that we had to back track on; we ended up using all our TA budget!

    The most interesting part of the rally was seeing the stuffed monkey hanging from a tree in section 2 (?). It was "Did you see that?" "I think I saw that". "What's the mileage? make a note!"
    Rita and Paul swear they didn't put it up there. Veddy interesting.

    Anyway, great day. Good to see some newbies (?) in the Touring class. Congrats to Tsquared for a great score!

    (21 sleeps till we leave for Targa)

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    Re: Infinite Monkeys Rally

    I have no explanation for the monkeys in the trees. I TOLD you they were infinite!! Anyway if you guys were looking at the Monkeys website right after the event, it has been upgraded since then. Originally the results didn't show all of the "earlies" or where the "TA"s had been involved in the scores, and I thought people might like to know. I have also added some more commentary, and photos by Tim Laye.
    Thanks very much for coming out, and I hope to see you at the next one!!

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