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Thread: Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

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    Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

    Rachel needs some new front brakes for her '02 WRX, and there's lots of decent vendors on TSC, but I was wondering if any SPDA'ers had any other good spots to pick up new rotors and pads.

    She's on EBC rotors & pads at the moment, but would try something else if they are as good or better.

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    Re: Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

    JRP, we have an SPDA discount, Speak to Jeff, he is one of our sponsors for the ATTS series.

    I like Hawk pads, HP+ front and HPS rear.

    Generic white box rotors.
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    Re: Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

    Jeffb at JRPonline dot com beats First Force prices on EBC stuff if whe wants to stay with what she has. As you know, EBC stuff is low dusting. She's probably using the Green Stuff pads with good success?

    If you don't mind washing the car more often, Fourstar Motorsports has Ferodo DS2500 pads that go from Street to track better than HP+. 2007 SoloSprint championship was won with those pads.

    P.S.: JRP's firewall is a bit strict, so if Jeff doesn't respond to your Email, ring him up!

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Re: Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

    She's been pretty happy with the EBC's. Can't remember which ones she has on there now, probably the greenstuff. She knows though.

    Forgot about the JRP discount, I'll follow up, thanks!

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    Re: Good deals on Brakes in the GTA?

    White box rotors at CarQuest for $25 plus some BBQ paint (I know, ghetto) works for me.

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