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Thread: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

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    Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    I have something to get from Daniel in the next 2 or so weeks... is anyone coming to Ottawa for an MCO event soon, or are there any provincial events or anything where an Ottawa person will see a T.O. person?


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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    Steve MIR is this weekend if you can find someone coming down. Daniel should be there and if not as long as its not going to take up to much space I will take it from there.
    Ivano D.


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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    awesome - thanks! IanO from Ottawa (black S2000) is going to be at MIR for sure.

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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    I'll be at MIR too!
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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    sweet - in the event that Daniel can't make it to MIR, maybe he can get it to one of you two tomorrow or early saturday then. Thanks guys!

    Have fun at MIR... sorry to miss it, and miss the rest of this season frankly. 27 days and counting now for me!

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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?


    I'm not going to be able to make it to MIR this weekend. In fact I'm leaving this afternoon for the cottage.

    I was going to pick up two small voltage transformers in Markham (apparently Ninth Line and Hwy 7 area) for Steve, but I now won't be able to make it.

    SteveD, Ivano, Kyle or Andrew, if I give you the details, any chance you can pick them up for Mr. Pope?

    I feel bad that I now can't help out..... (Steve or at MIR... lol)


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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    No worries Daniel - if anyone else can do it, that would be great. I also need you to float the $125 for them, as it is cash only for pick up (he doesn't even charge tax for cash pick up... it is normally an e-only-store). I will get Ian to pay you back cash at the track this weekend.

    Let me know if someone can swing it. Sorry to leave it so long... basically, my only time criteria is I need them in Ottawa before I send off my ocean crate to europe in mid to late july, so this weekend would be ideal, as I know there are Ottawa peeps at MIR to meet you and bring them back.


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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    After work fine? I could swing over there after work tonight - would be later though.
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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    Should be fine! I will email the guy to confirm.

    Andrew, you're a true gentleman. If you weren't a man, I'd kiss you. Hell - I might kiss you anyway. Or at the very least, pat you on the back affectionately.


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    Re: Any SPDAers coming to Ottawa?

    Steve, did you get your stuff?

    I am going to Peterborough this Sunday for the Regional Solo 2, I would be able to pick up those things for you.

    Klaus W
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