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Thread: LF: DOHC engine for 99Legacy

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    LF: DOHC engine for 99Legacy

    My garage found a motor, but turns out that it was out of an automatic and the mounting holes for the tranny and starter are not the same.

    Now looking for a motor for this car, any reliable shops where I can pick one up?

    Looking for a DOHC that can bolt to a 5 spd., and preferably a low miliage engine, I know how hard that may be for a 99 LegacyGT.

    Originally posted in the Possible blown headgasket.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: LF: DOHC engine for 99Legacy

    Kerry as I wrote in the other post, it has to be able to be bloted together. What are they saying is wrong? We have never found an engine that couldnt be bolted to a transmission.

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    Re: LF: DOHC engine for 99Legacy

    The garage got the engine from Lucky Star, and they came and looked at it and said that they would try and find another engine.

    The engine is missing some holes on the starter side and one of these holes is used to mount the starter.

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