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Thread: 2007 WRX Upgrades

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    2007 WRX Upgrades

    Hey everyone
    Just wondering
    What would be the best route to go as to modifying my stock 07 WRX. Im just looking for the first set of easy steps to add some power, I was looking at intakes but im really not sure what brands/where I should get my parts from ? does anybody have a good source/ reccommendation on what I should modify first to get extra HP.

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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    intakes are useless....

    up-pipe/downpipe and reflash (tune) and your set.

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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    To add to what Robin mentioned, its important for you to relay what the car is foing to be used for. Your mods may end up being useless.

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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    Robin wrote:

    up-pipe/downpipe and reflash (tune) and your set.
    Did they go back to putting a Pre-Cat in the up pipe for '07? I thought they had eliminated it.

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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    Hey I am using it for street right now.
    Maybe when it gets older ill rip it apart and use it for the track. But for now ill use it for street i just want more power!!!!!

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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    Downpipe, cobb access port - All you need - AND Track time to know how to drive it.
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    Re: 2007 WRX Upgrades

    Anyone have any of those parts/Tuner they are willing to let me use/ tune it for me for $$$

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