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Thread: FS: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

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    FS: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers (SOLD)

    They were originally on Robin's Impreza, and I was going to put them on my car, but that is another story.

    Up for sale again, and I just want to get what I paid for them. They have the adjustable Pillow Ball Top Hats, Fr/Rr.


    Here is a current pic.
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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    those were great.... here's a pic of them when they were new.

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    Application? Tarmac, or gravel?

    I have a buddy that MIGHT be interested.

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers


    they were my track coilovers. it was standard spring rates 8 and 6 kg? can't recall.

    front / rear camber plates too. to buy this new, it's near $3k now.

    Only thing i didn't get when buying new was double adjustability,

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    Robin, thanks for giving some history on these.

    No rust on these, as Robin did a good job of keeping them lubricated and only used in the summer months.

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    Standard spring rates would have been 5.5kg and 4.0kg, which is quite streetable. We have a 1st and 2nd place finish at the winter rally with those rates.

    And iIRC, I paid closer to $1100 for my last set, so this really is a great deal.

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    Yup. 40 clicks of adjustability. on the street, i had them around 6 clicks from full soft... and they rode like my sti v5 setup. autox, i'd usually be around mid-way depending on the lot if it was rough... at calabogie, which is so smooth, i'd be closer to 35 clicks (5 from full stiff).

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    Re: Hotbits DT1 Coilovers

    Up for sale again.

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    Are these still for sale? Please pm me with your contact info. Thx

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    Sorry, these have been sold.
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