While I had an absolute blast at SMP this weekend, it went a rather long way to showing me just how much grip a mildly prepped Miata on RS3's can generate.

My right arm is rather sore, which tells me that I'm using the steering wheel as much as a brace as I am a control device. Seats have gone from "that would be nice" to "I really need that" on the Race Car Expenditure Justification Matrix (TM, Patent Pending). The current set up of foam-ectomied stock seats and 3 points with a CG lock just isn't going to be the solution going forward.

Pretty sure a harness bar is an easy bolt in addition between the stock seatbeat mounts on the Miata, but I've pretty much no idea about seats, sliders, brackets and harnesses. I've researched it on Miata.net etc, but the problem I find with such sites is it tends to be people saying "I bought XXXX and they're awesomesauce3000!!"

Obviously, with a $5000 car, cost is a factor. However I don't want to save 20% on cheaper seats / belts and end up hating them. Also don't want to fall afoul of OTA safety regs. Also want to make sure my passenger is protected.

Car is no longer a DD, will be fun car and weekend cruise car only. I don't want to leave it where street driving it is just painful though.

Any recommendations on brands, models etc? Ones to stay clear of?