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Thread: Dedicated Volunteer Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by kreutz73 View Post
    I'll be helping with timing at the nats... does that count?
    Yup, it's a listed event up top..

    It's a SPDA joint venture with TLMC so you get points for the Nationals.
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    Timed at OTA July 29

    Will end up doing the same on Sep 1/2 if I go.
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    There were seven (7) members present last night to draw for the set of June to July Yokohama tires. A Tilley hat meeting NIST standards for lottery purposes (freshly washed) was used for the draw. Precisely cut Post-It notes with aerospace grade mild adhesive with the names (one per volunteer day) were folded by five different technicians (and one mechnical engineer) in a prescribed manner and placed in the hat. The post-it notes were then scientifically juggled by an ASQ certified quality engineer and the hat was then presented to Yaz, who has no particular certification from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. After a thorough remix of the post-it notes, Yaz drew Scott Murfin's name.

    We have one more set of tires to give away at the October pub night to volunteers for the August and September events!

    Congrats, Scott! Thanks for all of the volunteer time you put into SPDA and OTA, and all of the new members you send our way!
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    Thank You to everyone, it is a group we make SPDA the best club to be in. It takes many people to make the events happen.

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