Hi All,

This year's annual Open House will be held on Sunday April 7th at JRP, 2344 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON.

The Open House will run from 12 noon until 4PM.

This annual event will provide all attendees with the following opportunities:

1. Register for the 2013 Provincial Autoslalom Series, only $35 with a Class D Licence!

2. Register for the Autoslalom School, spots are limited, registration starts at 12:30

3. Register for the 2013 Mentorship program - Details to follow, Free series registration to all who apply!

4. Products from JRP at discounted prices. Specific details to follow in the weeks to come. Tires could be in the offerings as well.

5. A chance to meet our many varied sponsors and club representatives. Club memberships will be available through these reps.

6. A chance to meet your fellow competitors and enjoy a little bench racing.

So mark this date and event on your calendars and we will see you there!

In addition:

Receive major discounts on products and entry fees for the 2013 AutoSlalom season!

Excellent deals on the following:

- Brake Fluid Stoptech
- Oils Royal Purple / Redline
- Brake Parts Stoptech
- Sparco Helmets
- Sparco Gloves
- Sparco Steering Wheels
- Sparco Seats
- HJC Helmets
- Enkei Race Wheels
- Whiteline Suspension bits

Many more deals to be had during the Open House, too many to list.

As an additional bonus, all remaining "Continental" tires will be sold at "COST" to all CASC-OR Friends and Family to make room for the 2 major tire suppliers to CASC-OR.