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Thread: '04 Impreza Power Steering Pump Rebuild

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    '04 Impreza Power Steering Pump Rebuild

    Blake says I can rebuild my PS pump, and it's straightforward. He even has surplus seals and O-rings, because he needed to buy them in quantity.

    It's way better than Subaru's $650 quote, and I'd like to try this.
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    It should not be that hard. Its pretty straight forward if your mechanically inclined.
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    I helped Caveman rebuild my power steering pump this weekend and there's no longer any leak or pump noise [he did most of it.] It's nice to have a mate who's a real Pro!

    Blake (our favorite Time Attack ambassador) encouraged the rebuild, and even kindly provided a spare O-ring rebuild kit that worked brilliantly.

    Then Christine and I took it to Gravenhurst's own "Forks of the Credit River" driver's paradise (Southwood Rd.) to shake it down and make sure it was operating flawlessly. What an amazing performance driver's road Southwood Rd. is! An incredible "turn" on - pun intended. Ha ha.

    I didn't want to leave, and am definitely going back there. : D
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    Laszlo - red '17 WRX
    The all-new Subaru WRX is coming. Pardon our dust.

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