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Thread: Cusco GT300 Subaru Impreza STi - Black Sheep

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    Cusco GT300 Subaru Impreza STi - Black Sheep

    I drove this car in a racing simulator yesterday [GT5 with a PS3 and racing seat setup] and it was brilliant! It's my Rex on serious steroids. This is amazing racing technology, and it's a real racing car in the JGTC GT300 series.

    Cusco GT300 Subaru Impreza STi - Black Sheep

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    In real life

    The Cusco Advan Impreza was initially based off Subaru's second-generation Impreza WRX STi. This was strange considering that 4-door body styles were (and still are) exceedingly rare in JGTC/Super GT competition.

    Everything on the car was made and developed by tuning shop Carosser under its renowned Cusco brand. At the time, JGTC regulations dictated that only 2-door coupe-style bodies were allowed. Because of this rule, Carosser built a car based off of Subaru's second-generation Impreza, which came in a two-door variant along with the four-door one. However, for 2003, Subaru discontinued the 2-door Impreza, forcing Carosser to appeal to the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) for a special race permit, and they got it.

    Subaru's factory tuning wing, STi (Subaru Technica International), stepped in and helped juice the flat-4 EJ20 engine to 296 horsepower and 289.31 lb-ft of torque, as well as adding six-pot brake calipers all around.

    Fortunately for Cusco, the JAF relaxed regulations in 2003, allowing free placement of the transmission. This meant that they could transform the car into a transaxle, which improved longitudinal balance. This, along with the boxer engine's low center of gravity, improved the Impreza's handling substantially.

    Performance [in GT5]

    As with all other JGTC GT300-class cars, this racer's strength is not in all-out speed, but in long-distance races. Because the car is much lighter on tires and fuel than its GT500/GT1 companions, it can go much longer between stops, which, with an experienced driver and good pitting strategy, can more than counteract its slowness on straights, and also allows the driver to run a harder set of tires than others without sacrificing much speed, which helps its cause over long runs that much more.

    That said, the car is undoubtedly one of the better-handling closed-top cars in the games it appears in, and most of the time it can completely outclass any of its fellow GT300 competitors. Modified, the car can also shred GT5 cars, and with the right driver, can give even LMP cars such as the Audi R8 a run for their money in the bends.

    I wonder. Does Canada have performance shops that can build a racing car with this level of sophistication?
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    Sort of off-topic but GT6 is coming!

    More motivation for me to finish building my PS3 PVC racing rig haha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mardin View Post
    Sort of off-topic but GT6 is coming!
    Not at all off topic. I have heard, but I need a PS3, the GT6 game and a TV.
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    Laszlo - red '17 WRX
    The all-new Subaru WRX is coming. Pardon our dust.

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    SteveD needs that turbo setup!
    Ivano D.


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