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Thread: Fiat 500 Tour

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    Fiat 500 Tour

    I was recently on a trip to Italy. Before leaving for our trip, we found a tour that allowed you to drive a 1960ís Fiat 500 car through the Tuscan country side just outside of Florence. Well this became a must do!

    Turned out the day of the tour, it was just my wife and I. So this turned out to be great.

    Each car has a name. For example, Andrea (co-owner of the company) is standing near Giacomo. Just in front is Roberto and the red one is Paola.


    The green one (4th from the front) is Olivia who is apparently racy which Andrea drove. I drove Paola.

    The weather was just great for the event. Andrea gave me a 3 minute lesson on double clutching going out and into the next gear and the other features of the car, like the toggle switch for the wipers. Then we hit the road. Double clutching when the car is off and parked is way different when moving! Taking off in first gear was easy and getting onto the main road. This is where I almost stalled and had trouble getting into second and third. Pulling off to the right and with Andrea waiting up ahead I finally got it into the gear and off we went. The gear throws were really long so that took a bit of getting used to. Once I got used to the double clutching and gears, it was a blast driving the car around the scenic country side.

    The drive was wonderful with stops for photos and some history of the area.
    If anyone is going to be in Florence Italy, I would highly recommend this tour.
    More information can be found at

    Now since this is site is for car enthusiasts, some photos of the car I drove. Enjoy!

    The original engine, the 'pancake' engine, the car and us in the car.

    formerly SubLeg05

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    Fiat 500 Abarth racing - all the way!
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    Laszlo - red '17 WRX
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    Sounds like a neat way of travelling! Seeing how you fill out the driver's cabin, I think I might need the sun roof for extra space.

    Did you have to double-clutch on the up shifts as well? That feels so awkward to me. I practice double clutch downshifts every once in a while just to make sure that I can drive a student's British car, but I haven't found one that needed it on upshifts as well. If you need it on the upshift, does it require a bit of throttle blip? Do you hold the throttle going into the higher gear?

    Italy is rarely on the top of my mind when I think about vacation, but every time that I think of the food and the wine and the countryside, I wonder why I haven't done it yet!

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    I did not think I filled out the cabin that much due to all the fresh food, gelato and tiramisu! LOL.

    Yes double-clutch on the up shift as well. Umm, I don't remember doing a throttle blip going up, but for sure a bit down-shifting.

    Italy was amazing!

    I went to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. I will post some photos of that later this week if anyone is interested.
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    I remember driving a Morris Monor in Malaysia in exactly the same way. Double clutch upshifts.. LOL Sloooooooooowww but entertaining.

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    Now that looks like fun. I drove the Tuscan country side in a new 1 Series diesel wagon. Its hard not to have a great time in Italy, we are trying to get back there again next year.
    Ivano D.


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