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Thread: '04 WRX Transmission AND Differential Servicing

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    '04 WRX Transmission AND Differential Servicing

    I've got a bit of road noise at 100kph after a wheel bearing was replaced even with my new performance tires. Caveman put an auto stethoscope on the bearings and it wasn't that, so we decided to schedule a transmission and differential servicing.

    So I dug out the maintenance documentation for my Rex from the previous owner, and the following work that was done at Mr. Lube :

    155,000 km
    Front Differential SVC $70
    Mobilube 80W90 LS GL5 60L
    R.R. Gear-Rite Syn Treat. $12

    170,547 km
    Rear Diff Synthetic SVC $100
    Pennzoil SYN GLS 75W90
    R.R. Gear-Rite Syn Treat. $12

    184,948 km
    Transaxle/Final Drive PKG $100

    200,170 km
    Differential LS Additive $20
    Differential LS Additive $20

    Although it's fair to assume that Mr. Lube has reasonably competent folks working for them, I'm not sure that all this work was required and I doubt that I'd have them do it even if it was.

    However, since I'm on the verge of getting Caveman to do a tranny and differential servicing, does this maintenance history change the priority of the work we are about to undertake?
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    With my old RS, i like changing the fluid every couple years max or about 20k kms or so (as you see i don't drive much).

    I should change my fluids in my 11wrx now.... about 25k kms... and change the transmission and rear diff.

    pretty simple job overall on the 5spd and rear diffs.

    old car, i had the the "mix" / joe told me about it. part redline (1quart and rest amsoil). and rear used amsoil.

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