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Thread: SOLD OUT !!!! ATTS 2014 - May 24th Beginner Friendly Track Day

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    SOLD OUT !!!! ATTS 2014 - May 24th Beginner Friendly Track Day

    Hi All,

    "This Track day is FULL / Sold Out"

    Experience the Brand Spanking new DDT at Mosport, this is the new 2.8Km track that we've all been waiting to run on. To make this day extra special, we're providing coaching for newcomers to motorsports. Nope, this is not a racing event, but a fun day to spend with friends in a low key lapping event where you can safely enjoy the limits of your vehicles.

    There will be 4 Run groups, broken out by Skill Level.
    Coaches / Volunteers:

    We will have Alligator Lapping during lunch time so everyone can experience the track at a leisurely pace.

    There will be limited spots available, reserve your spot today by sending PayPal to "treasurer3 (at) S p d a - Online (DOT) ca

    Please put in the comments section of your payment, and make the Title" ATTS2014 May 24 "
    Car Make & Model
    Lapping Experience (New / Intermediate / Advanced)

    Advanced Registration: $165.00

    Thank You

    Current Registarions:
    Shane Witham
    Brad Karjama
    Spencer Toh
    M Wang
    Craig Bayliss
    Scott Campbell
    Kevin Lam
    Devin Varcoe
    Brock Usborne
    Andrew Cassidy
    Mev Talundzic
    Raymond Chan
    Andrew Tam
    Allen Keng
    Brock Howey
    Brandon Meyers
    Brad Ager
    Tan Ta
    Alvin Chung
    Vladimir Halperin
    Edward Chen
    Brian Tang
    Vernan Dias
    Sunil Solanki
    Stirling Robertson
    Daniel Robis
    Shane Greenwood
    Alexandre Pestov
    Jelena Williams
    Brian Williams
    Leslie Du
    Shaun Martin
    Gerard Adderley
    Kevin Lee
    Mike Schembri
    JB Long
    Joey Urban
    Will Parsons
    Bernie Pitts
    Matt McCorriston
    Charles Schembri
    Carsten Gieschen
    Rob McJannett
    Andy McJannett
    Justin Van Herrewegen
    Michael Ash
    Duncan Irwin
    William Ngai
    Mason Tang
    Victoria Tang
    Afshin Azadeh
    Victor Vascoh
    Corwyn Amendt
    Martyn Danby
    Curt Lu
    Imran Salam
    Hina Javed
    Richard Boake
    Noel Sewpaul
    Simon Sherman
    Mike Gardner
    Mike Dunt
    John Silva
    Derrick Cormier
    Laszlo Toth
    Trevor Hancher
    Shannan Jones
    Jonas Jasinkas
    Vytas Jasinkas
    Melanie Lim
    Gary Wilder
    Jeremy Scheffer
    Mark Bovey
    Stephen Lapointe
    Joe Trinidad
    Steve Deneka
    Daniel Fryer
    Peter Wong
    Michael Victor
    Malcolm Victor
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Awesome that ATTS is back with a great venue and a wonderful program. Sorry I cannot be there. I'm at Watkins Glen that weekend.
    Frank - I drive a Nissan

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    I am super excited for this track day. Can. not. wait.

    The First Truck in Targa Newfoundland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbovey View Post
    I am super excited for this track day. Can. not. wait.

    I agree Mark, it's going to be incredible checking out the new track!

    I've cleared the day to help too, JoeT.
    Last edited by LaszloT; 05-04-2014 at 08:22 PM. Reason: Available to help
    Laszlo - red '17 WRX
    The all-new Subaru WRX is coming. Pardon our dust.

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    Just registered!

    Sunil S.

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    How beginner friendly is this? Like wife beginner friendly?

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    Yes, wife friendly beginner. We even have Alligator lapping.. Meaning, it's a low speed follow the leader for people that have never been on a race track.

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    What is the tentative schedule of events? in particular, what time do the activities start, and when do they finish? just trying to figure out if I can attend, since I've got a 7PM engagement in TO that evening.


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    Open lapping starts at 9:00 am, with a break at noon, then continues until 4:30 pm.

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    Anyone using any track apps? I hear Harry's lap timer is supposed to be the best?
    Any tips for iPhone mounts?

    Anyone know about this Optrix camera thing?

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    I've seen people use race chrono and seems pretty easy to use and apparently it breaks down your time by sectors so you can get a theoretical best time. I've downloaded track attack after watching how it works on youtube but haven't used it yet to comment on how good it is.

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    Harry's does that as well, and has functionality to help sync a separate video recording up to the data from the app. It's not cheap though, full functionality is about $30.

    Registered just now. Joe, I know I offered to volunteer, but I hadn't heard back and didn't want this to fill up. If you're still looking for volunteers I'm still more than happy to help!!
    Last edited by wparsons; 05-06-2014 at 11:57 AM.

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    Will by any chance were you using that at the ota school?

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    Nope, I haven't actually downloaded it yet. I'm trying to convince myself to work on fundamentals before fretting over lap times just yet, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to resist

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    I've used previous versions of Harry's lap timer. Works fairly well. Works even better if you add an external GPS.

    Biggest problem is you were limited to phone screen size to analyze results. So, good for recording lap times, and video (my version didn't do that). But dedicated lap timers (like aim solo) have better analysis software (that comes at a price).

    I don't know if you could output the harrys lap timer data to another analysis software.

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    ^^ That's actually a really good point about GPS, especially at CTMP. Cell coverage SUCKS unless you're on Bell/Telus, and with almost all phones using assisted GPS (true GPS and cell tower triangulation) for GPS locking I bet that you won't have stellar accuracy.

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    I've had good luck using an external bluetooth GPS that feeds location info to my phone. I think it's either 5 or 10 times a second update vs. a normal 1 per second on the internal GPS.

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