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Thread: The Nationals in PEI?

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    The Nationals in PEI?

    I don't see any discussion anyplace.......are any of you guys coming out east again?

    Its been too long since I've seen some of you!

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    so far all signs point to a yes. It's gonna be expensive, but give me an excuse to visit PEI

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    I'm planning on going. already booked a cottage outside of summerside. Alain (Alf) is thinking about it also.

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    I'm working on sorting out the logistics of going too. Trying to sort out a way to get the car and the family out there. Anyone have a co-drive available?

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    two months away, apparently pre-registration closes in a month? get your registrations in!

    2.Entry forms must be received by 4:00 p.m. ADT, July 4th, 2014 to avoid the $20 late fee. Application using the online form is preferred. The last day for withdrawal and refunds from the event is July 25th, 2014. No registrations will be accepted on-site.

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    still the only registered SPDA member

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    got my time off (although may not make it for Friday's test and tune)
    hotel is booked

    ready to rumble!

    Deadline is Friday before extra fee kicks in. Let's go people, I want to see all top 10 competitors from Ontario!

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    Reallllly want to go. Will have to see the brownie point balance closer to the time.
    Barry G

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    deadline is next friday!

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