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Thread: Value/Tradeoffs of an Intake Silencer Delete

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    Value/Tradeoffs of an Intake Silencer Delete

    Are there any trade-offs of an intake silencer delete on an '04 WRX, and does it require a protune to take advantage of the improved breathing?

    As of today, I currently have the following improvements to my otherwise stock '04 WRX:

    o Invidia [catless] turbo up-pipe,
    o PTP turbo blanket,
    o Invidia Q300 + divorced wastegate downpipe w/cat and
    o COBB AccessPort V3 Stage 2 91 v310 tune.

    When asked if there are any compatibility issues with the silencer delete, COBB support says:

    "From our experience, this is not an issue on the 02-05 WRX."
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    I thought the only difference was the sound. I doubt if there's any measurable performance difference.

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    Only slight restriction from the bends and edges of the chambers. No apreacabul flow change but on mine it helped with midrange torque. And yes, sounds way better. As it would still be using the stock air filter, box and piping to the Turbo inlet measured flow is still accurate and not beyond the capabuilitys of the stock maf sensor.

    But think of it this way, the slight restriction on the inlet side will not complament the large exhaust on the outlet.

    An engine is only a air pump, the more IN and out equal more power. Sure you are forcing air in with the Turbo but the Turbo can be more efficant with less restriction on it. Turbos make great pusher pumps but not near as efficant at pulling. atmospheric pressure is pushing air into Turbo to be pressurized on the charge side. Let it breath as easy as posabul. Plus its a lot healthier sound. Lol

    And its a free upgrade. The silancers are there for old people that want quiet. Performance is not quiet.

    Additional bonus is it eliminates pulling hot Rad air into system with the oe snorkel.

    Just my opinion, pull the box out

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