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Thread: Loaner wheels... 17" 5x100? - FRS/BRZ

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    Loaner wheels... 17" 5x100? - FRS/BRZ

    I am looking to borrow a wheel or 2 that will fit my BRZ while I get a couple rims repaired. They can even be space savers as the car will be parked while the rims are out for repair. Hoping to get them in for repair after Sept 7. If anyone has a rim/tire they could let me borrow it would be appreciated. I don't have any other rims for it except the space saver.
    2013 WRB BRZ

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    As per my post on CASC, you can borrow two of my snows if you want. They're on stock wheels, and hopefully I won't need them anytime soon.

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    Hey Martin,

    Steve D has some nice 5x100 wheels that would fit nicely on your BRZ.. Currently they have R888's on them, and a spare set of R888's. If you're tracking the car, you may want to have a spare set as track tire / rims.

    They are currently at my place.

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    My wallet can't support tracking 2 cars, or I would pickup a track set for the BRZ. The Miata is doing a good job of keeping the wallet light as it is. Even after saying that I'm going to take the BRZ as is to the sigma event on Sept 6, finish off the street tires before it goes away for the winter. Going to bring the Miata to the DDT on Sunday, it will be its first venture on the track, will be a new experience that's for sure. Depending on how it goes, might try OTA next year in the Miata.
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    Martyn, will 16" rims fit your BRZ? If so I have a set I can lend you to park on.

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    Martyn, if you just need rims, I've got some 17" sitting in the garage. Let me know they are yours if you want. PM me your email/phone and I can send you my address.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeV View Post
    Martyn, will 16" rims fit your BRZ? If so I have a set I can lend you to park on.
    Most 16's fit, stock WRX 16's will definitely fit.

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    Thanks for all the offers guys. I have to swing by the shop(s) that maybe doing the repair. Once I know more I maybe in touch. For now it looks like just one so I can put it on the donut. The front rim is only minor and depending on the cost I may not even bother getting that one done.
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    Visited the shop today, for the cost.. I'm only getting the worst wheel done, so I can just park the car on the donut for the couple weeks it takes. I have the Miata I can use in the meantime anyways. Appreciate all the offers guys.
    2013 WRB BRZ

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    Which shop? was quite reasonable with decent quality when I accidentally stood on the gas and the brake in Woodstock.

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    That's the one, bought the rims from Tires23 and they recommended precision to fix em.
    2013 WRB BRZ

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