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Thread: No Winter Maintenance Rally 2014

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    No Winter Maintenance Rally 2014

    No Winter Maintenance Rally - September 27

    Hosted by

    You need to know: Ontario is blessed with many "No Winter Maintenance" roads that have stunning elevation changes, challenging cambered curves and usually a lack of service during winter time. For that reason, many towns just groom them nicely come spring. These roads are a favourite of drivers for their smooth and scenic driving and that's why we've strung together some of the best this province has to offer. All of these roads are easily passable by road-going sedans, coupes, minivans, SUV's ... whatever you drive to work should safely do this rally. Note, a couple of the roads on this rally are not appropriate for lowered cars, especially with body kits. Other rallies are more appropriate for that, so ask and we'll happily recommend some.

    Touring Class Offered: Don't want to trouble yourself with the Novice notes and want to just drive some great roads? The Touring Class will have simple instructions that will make it nearly impossible to get lost.

    What to expect: To make sure that all of the roads are easily passable by all vehicles, we take a low sports car on bald Toyo track tires and send it out to test the route. If this car can do it, we know you can do it in the minivan. This is a perfect weekend drive for a Miata or a Jeep!

    Where to go: We're hosting this rally out of the Flying Spatula restaurant in Flesherton Ontario, formerly known as the Grey 4 Diner, a short drive northwest of Toronto. 125 Collingwood, Flesherton, Ontario, N0C 1E0. Phone: 519-924-2424. They make a great country breakfast, so come hungry! Google Map:

    When to be there: Saturday, September 27 2014, registration opens at 9:00am, and the first car is off at 11:00am. Don't be later than 10:00am! If you are new to rally, we'll be offering a quick "introduction" to the type of route instructions we'll be giving you beforehand. The novice instructions are oriented toward keeping everyone on route and enjoying the drive. See the bottom of this page for more beginner resources.

    The rally is approximately 190km long and will be held in two legs with two rest breaks for a snack. Car 0 will finish at 3:30pm. You should hopefully be back at The Flying Spatula within 30 minutes of that, but that's up to your navigator!

    What do I need: A driver and a navigator, bring your ownership and insurance certificate to registration, a pen and a watch that shows seconds. If you don't own the vehicle, you'll need a letter of permission from the owner granting you permission to use it in our road rally.

    Registration: If you register and pay by September 21st, we'll only ask you for $55 which includes a snack during the rest break and stunning trophies if you earn one! We'd like you to register in advance so that we know how many people to expect, but you can just show up the morning of. Registration at the event is $65 per car.

    Simple Online Registration form:
    Download and submit by Email/Fax:

    More Photos courtesy of

    Novices: You will need to know Tulip Instructions, Giant Tulips, Columnar instructions, Straight Line Diagrams, and Road Counting. Touring class will not need all of this information. We may also have a different novice note style that will be explained at the beginners' meeting before the rally. Find those resources here: Focus on the BASIC Instructions only.

    I need more info:
    Call Stephen at (416)823-7991 or send an Email to steved [at] spda-online [dot] ca This event is Sanctioned by RallySport Ontario and the Canadian Association of RallySport, and held under the CARS General Competition Rules.

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Really looking forward to NWM this year! Such a beautiful area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryceD View Post
    Really looking forward to NWM this year! Such a beautiful area.
    If you want, I can slip you the expert instructions so you see more of the area. ;-)

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    My first nav rally as a driver!! Can't wait!!
    Social Dictator

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    Results? Tales from the road...?

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    Leonards win Expert, Boudreau brothers win Intermediate uncontested, Olmstead and Hooper win Novice in their Toyota truck, and Cox and Tuokko win Touring. I will hustle on publication of the results.

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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