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Thread: 2015 AGM Elections - Nominations thread

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    2015 AGM Elections - Nominations thread

    At the AGM this February 8th we'll be holding elections for the following positions, per our charter. You may nominate people in this thread, or at the meeting. The nominee must attend the election, or confirm their willingness to accept the nomination in writing to the elections officer. (Stephen Deneka)

    5. Length of Terms

    5.1. President, Secretary and Competition Ambassadors
    The President, Secretary and Competition Ambassadors shall be elected to serve for a period of two years starting in the odd calendar year.

    8. Duties of the Directors

    8.1. President

    The President will preside at all regular, annual and committee meetings and conduct them in accordance with parliamentary authority named in Article 10 of the by-laws. The President shall sign all official documents and countersign all cheques. The President, as Chief Executive Officer, shall supervise the club's affairs and activities.

    8.3. Secretary

    The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and shall keep the records in accordance with the parliamentary authority named in Article 6 of the by-laws. The Secretary shall prepare the minutes for distribution as required.

    8.6. Competition Ambassadors

    The Competition Ambassadors shall be responsible for organizing all SPDA competition events and keeping a record of all competition points and standings. These shall be published on the SPDA web site and mailing list. The Ambassador may recruit committee members as necessary, and shall be responsible for each event's compliance with current club rules and regulations.

    Positions are Currently held by:
    * President - Joe Trinidad
    * Secretary - Laszlo Toth
    * Competition Ambassador (Autoslalom) - Mark Bovey
    * Competition Ambassador (Time Attack) - John Paczynski
    * Competition Ambassador (Rally) – Trevor Hancher
    * Competition Ambassador (Race) – Scott Murfin

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Normally the elections officer doesn't nominate anyone, but I made up that position anyway, so here we go:

    I nominate Joe Trinidad, President for life (or at least another two years)
    I nominate Laszlo Toth to continue his wonderful work as Secretary
    I nominate Mark Bovey to continue as Autoslalom Ambassador
    I nominate Trevor Hancher to continue as Rally Ambassador
    I nominate Scott Murfin to continue as Race Ambassador

    John Paczynski is looking to do different things this coming year, and is willing to make available the Time Attack Ambassador role. Thanks for the great job you've done for SPDA, John!

    I nominate Gary Wood AND Will Parsons for the position of Time Attack ambassador

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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    Tashko doesn't see his available time increasing much and he'll help where he can, but in the meantime, the Social Director position can be added to the list of available positions at the AGM!

    I nominate Michelle Nguyen, Jonathan Kwok and Peter Wong! (The Pub Night regulars attending the AGM who aren't already on the executive committee.)

    Stephen - I drive Blue Subarus of the rally and track varietals.

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