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Thread: OTA Time Attack school - May 2nd/3rd, CTMP DDT

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    OTA Time Attack school - May 2nd/3rd, CTMP DDT

    It's on the calendar, but I thought I would create a thread dedicated to it in case anyone had questions about the event or was thinking about signing up and needed a nudge

    It's a fantastic school, and a great value. You'll get in class, skidpad/autoslalom, and track session. No experience is necessary, just a mechanically stable and safe car, helmet and willingness to learn! Even if you have some experience, this is still a great school and you'll definitely learn something new.

    Drivers are split into run groups based on experience, so you'll be around people with similar skill levels as yourself.

    I'll be volunteering there, as will a few other SPDA members, so there should be lots of familiar faces/cars around.
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    Wondering if I should be inviting the general public or just people who are looking to get into OTA?

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    Anyone is welcome. If they get interested and run some OTA events that's a nice bonus, but definitely not a requirement!
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    Registration is by pdf/email, some details here:

    and direct link to the registration form:
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    Fantastic school, highly recommended if you wanted to get started driving on track and getting a big boost into driving fast safely. They do a great job matching instructors with the driver and car, and everything is extremely well organized.

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    How many spaces are still available?
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    Looking forward to it! Can-Alignment managed to squeeze me in early due to a cancellation (thanks Scott) now just need to get tires mounted and pads installed. Can't wait..
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    Quote Originally Posted by nissannx View Post
    How many spaces are still available?
    Not sure Frank, last I heard there was about 10, but that was a few days back (and before Martyn registered).
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