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Thread: August 1st Charity Lapping Day - Subaru Canada - Davenport Subaru - SPDA - TSC

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    August 1st Charity Lapping Day - Subaru Canada - Davenport Subaru - SPDA - TSC

    Subaru of Canada and Davenport Subaru Charity Track Day

    Subaru of Canada and Davenport Subaru of Orillia ave teamed up with SPDA and TSC to host our 2015 Charity Track Day. This event will run with 100% of the proceeds going to Rally for the Kids and Ronald McDonald House Toronto. All costs for the day will be paid for by the hosts so your hard earned money goes straight to the people who need it most; the charities.

    This event will be held at the Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport).

    Registration opens at 7:30
    Drivers meeting at 8:30
    Track 9:00
    Lunch 12:00
    End 4:30

    Experience the Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport). This is a challenging 2.8Km track that was redesigned and finished a year ago. This is not a racing event, but a fun day to spend with friends in a low key lapping event where you can safely enjoy the limits of your vehicles.

    Very limited coaching may be available so if you are interested email CTD(at) and we will try to see if we can accommodate you.

    There will be 3 Run groups, broken out by Skill Level:


    Beginner drivers will need to run with an SPDA coach until such time it is deemed they can lap alone safely.

    This event will be run under ASN Canada FIA guidelines and helmets will be required for any lappers and passengers. It is expected that all participants follow proper track rules and etiquette.

    *** Only 50 Spots Available***

    Step 1 - Enter your registration info by going to -
    Step 2 - Visit the TSC store to make payment -

    Lapping Day Costs
    $250 Advanced Registration
    $300.00 After July 23rd
    Registration includes BBQ lunch.

    Sharing cars:
    + Full price for another driver in a different run group.
    + $50 for each additional driver in the SAME run group (includes lunch).

    BBQ Lunch
    Lunch is included for all lappers as part of your entry fee. Additional meals will be available for $8 with all proceeds going to charity as well. Davenport Subaru will be providing all the food and the wonderful people to cook it.
    To purchase an additional lunch purchase it from the TSC store at: TSC, On-Line Store

    Refund Policy:
    Refunds are available only if there is someone in the waiting list for your run group to buy the position (inquire with SPDA). Registrations may not be privately re-sold, the registration will remain in your name.

    Refunds will be processed AFTER the person in the waiting list has purchased the spot.

    In addition we will be doing the following during the event:

    Raffles for Ride alongs with Mike Davenport in the #1 Winning Targa Newfoundland Race Car
    Alligator lapping at Lunch - open to everyone

    Music, Fun, Raffles, and lots to do and see. We welcome spectators and people to come out and enjoy the day with us. Register soon while there are still spots available!
    Ivano D.


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    I have emailed everyone registered with event schedule and details. The list below is everyone registered for the event, if your name is not on the list please contact us. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me.

    There are a couple of spots left in each group so if your thinking of joining us don't wait to register. Thanks.

    Mike D
    Renato de A
    Emperuman V
    Eugene K
    Adam W
    Corwyn A
    Shane A
    Chris R
    Joshua C
    David B
    Billy C
    Max M
    Gordon F
    Brian R
    Dickson L
    Allison M
    Grant G
    Jim H
    Steve M
    Shane W
    Rod Y
    John H Sr
    John H Jr
    Rick H
    Jeff H
    Mark C
    Ken F
    Moses W
    Adrian P
    Scott R
    Rob P
    Jie Cheng O
    Chung T
    Rick P
    Mike D
    Roman S
    Robert B
    Sean P
    Minghui Y
    Jeff T
    Jay N
    John D
    Paul Z

    Ivano D.
    Ivano D.


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