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Thread: Helmets and Track Days

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    Helmets and Track Days

    Hello SPDAland, I plan on doing a track day or two this year and I have a friend who wants to tag along. He's done Karting for years and only has a Karting helmet (snell k2010). Is this helmet sufficient for track days, or am I going to have to attend alone?

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    If it's snell 2010, you're fine for another 5 years. If your car has a roll cage, then you'd need an SA rated helmet. See ya out there!!

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    Even if it's a K2010 for karting?

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    Most organizations specify Snell M or SA, but I think that's simply because karting helmets will be way less common. From what I can see online, K helmets are fine for lapping.
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    Thanks guys, I'm going to try to contact a couple of the tracks directly to see what they say

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