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Thread: Easing into Time Attack

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    Easing into Time Attack

    Hi All, OTA has added four new classes this year to hopefully ease people into the Time Attack world without worrying about detailed classification.

    The gist of it is to make it VERY simple to find your class. They aren't as "fair" as the main OTA ruleset and are being run as a separate points series/championship. Hopefully it gets people with cars that weren't built optimized to the OTA rule book out to some events

    All the details are here:

    Thoughts? Would that help convince anyone to come try an even this year?
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    As some of you may know Im not shy and I don't mind sharing my point of view.


    If OTA wants competitors from other series they need to stop trying to re write the rule book and copy and paste instead. Many of the popular time attack series in North America operate on incredibly similar rules. I understand OTA doesn't want to add 9 classes to the series so Ill make it easy.

    ONLY 3 classes!!

    2.Club Sport

    Here is how simple it is

    Enthusiast class requires that your car is registered for the road and meet the following tire requirements.
    Cars must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 180 or higher
    Max width
    FWD 225
    AWD 245
    RWD 275

    Club Sport is for cars that are used on the street but are primarily prepared for the track
    Cars must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 100 or higher.
    Max width
    FWD 255
    AWD 275
    RWD 295

    Exactly that! Bring it run it slicks as big as you want go for gold!!

    No confusion on HP vs. weight no PIP's to confuse the noobs!! Its easy if you have 180+ you go in Enthusiast 100-170 you are in club sport want to run slicks join unlimited. The tire size limitations per drivetrain keeps things on a level playing field and you can visibly monitor it with out confusion.
    Make it easy for people to cross over between different series and they will.

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    Good point of view, Dov. Part of the goal is attracting wild cars, the other part is attracting people that haven't taken part in any series previously. The rules seem to do a decent job for the un-optimized new to the sport cars, but they do diverge from other series for the more experienced people.
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    For me Will its all about having multiple choices for some weekend fun and unifying the rules gives me the best chance at that.

    As I just posted in CASC there is a new series coming to time attack this year. OTA has to keep on their toes or it could be the end. Im not sure Ontario can sustain 3 different series.

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    If Sigma was any sign, Ontario can't sustain three series.
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    Hey Will, just posted this over on CASC.
    I may be terribly wrong but we all know they need these numbers to keep afloat.

    Hey Guys,
    After having a very lengthy conversation with my SPDA Time Attack ambassador Im just going to give you the strait goods without the sugar coating.

    As you must know CSCS has introduced a new tire rule that has some of the field looking for a new place to race. OTA is having a massive struggle getting enough entry to make the series viable. Introducing a few new classes to mimic ones of CSCS, GTA, Redline and others would make OTA a EASY step for those who don't want to buy in to the Pirelli program.

    This could be a very EASY step to have entry jump up 20-25 cars without re writing the typical OTA pip program. Just imagine 60+ cars at MIR instead of 34 (2015). I mean if you can't get 60 people out to MIR GP track at $300 for the day, something is a miss! Adding these cars could be the difference in this make or break year for OTA.

    Bringing new people will bring new media outlets and possible new sponsorship to the series. The current sponsors have noticed they are keeping the same 30-40 guys racing, and the lack of media coverage has them thinking. Lets add a bunch of new guys with the same passion of motorsports. This is not a us vs. them, this is we want somewhere to run our cars and have some fun!!

    I will let you know we have 3 very competitive customer cars looking for a series to race in this year. For me Im ok with just going to lapping days with my car, I have nothing to prove I just want to have fun.

    Seems like a no brainer to me! Nothing really to lose just a good opportunity to capitalize on the situation and keep OTA chugging along.

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    Great feedback, thanks again Dov!
    2013 FRS - Daily enjoyed.

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