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Thread: Mosport Lapping day.

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    Mosport Lapping day.

    First I would like to thank Frank Ewald for hosting his lapping event. I had the pleasure of running in this several years. I had the greatest time at them.
    Thanks Frank

    Now that Frank has retired from doing them. I am at a loss.

    I get to run the track with other groups but nothing quite as open.

    Is there anyone offering the same sort of semi private event?
    I am just a lapping day junkie, it has to be the big track though

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Old School,

    All the ATTS days are private with lots of track time at the DDT.

    For the GP track, we host a 2 day time attack event with lots of lapping. You can come for the lapping portion and that's done in July. JRP also holds really good lapping days at the GP track. You'll enjoy those too.

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    Thank you JoeT.
    Yes i am interested please let me know where I can get more details and register for thise events.

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    Details for the time attack event won't be out for a couple months, but you can keep an eye out here:

    Hopefully the schedule will be out by february or march.
    2013 FRS - Daily enjoyed.

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    It was a pleasure getting to know you and to share the track with you. The SPDA/OTA day is a good day - you should compete in the time attack portion too!
    Frank - I drive a Nissan

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