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Thread: Summer Intern Opportunity With an IMSA Racing Team

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    Summer Intern Opportunity With an IMSA Racing Team

    On a another forumI belong to, a member posted a job posting for a part-time summer intern for an IMSA racing team. I messaged him and asked if he would like me to post it on SPDA. He said yes. Here are the details from the original post:

    Friend of mine runs a team in the IMSA Canadian GT3 Cup Challenge and has an opening for a student position (cars are Porsche GT3 cup cars). It's not full time, so the rest of the summer he / she can still make some money at their other summer job.
    The student will likely either shadow the mechanics or the engineer (or both), depending on education level.
    To my understanding, it's a paid position. Depending on when he/she can start, it's at a maximum of seven race weekends which starts mid May ending at the labour day long weekend. AFAIK, one of the races this series will do this year is running in support of the Montreal F1 race in early June.
    Ideally for those from grade 12 to probably 1st or 2nd year in university. FSAE experience is neither a requirement nor a must. Ability to travel to the US (ie having a current passport) is a must as there will be a round where the team is going to upstate NY for a race.

    PM me if you have someone who is interested and I will get the contact info to send a resume.
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    I wish I could do this! Sounds like an awesome gig.
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