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Thread: Integra Rally-cross car for sale (again)

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    Integra Rally-cross car for sale (again)

    Hello all, Ive decided its time to go in a new direction and will be selling my 1998 Acura Integra GS rallycross car. Its a good car for rallycross, I raced some of the 2015 MLRC RX season, and ran a full season in 2016, got a couple podiums with the car and managed 3rd in class ahead only behind the Forge focus. The car has ksport gravel/snow coilovers, a good skid plate, a full exhaust, and some other stuff like steering wheel and things of that nature. The car has had the interior largely stripped, as well as a fair ammount of weight reduction (about 170 lbs, and theres the potential for more). Ive got 4 dmack gravel tyres (in very good shape), and a few winters (very little wear) for it, as well as a set of bf goodrich sport comp 2s which probably have a couple more track days or another summer left in them. This car probably can'tbe certified without a fair ammount of work. Abs has been disabled, airbags removed, power steering disabled, things like that. The engine is ok, about 240k on it, still running pretty well, newer plugs and wires, new air filter, oil done at manufacturer recommended intervals using good synthetics. I'm trying to think of anything else, but if you have any questions just ask. Price is 2250 but its negotiable
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