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Thread: '06 WRX Motor Swap - Installing a 2L EJ205

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    '06 WRX Motor Swap - Installing a 2L EJ205


    We're interested in any of the challenges and considerations of this type of swap for our build planning.

    We have a built EJ205 motor from an '04 WRX and we'd like to put it into an '06 WRX chassis. It's a stout-er motor with a higher redline

    Our '06 WRX currently has a COBB turbo back exhaust, an STi turbo and a protune on the COBB Accessport, and 220,000 km on the odometer

    1. EJ255 coming out is a 2.5L motor with AVCS on the intake cams
    2. Plan would be to swap the long block and use all the EJ255 engine peripherals and accessories
    3. I heard cam sensors are different

    We'd appreciate your thoughts on any adaptations required, i.e. Non-AVCS motor will likely throw a CEL which we can turn off with the COBB AP

    The WRX will be used for Autocross and a few lapping days each year.

    Happy new year!
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