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Thread: Did the plandemic kill this group?

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    Did the plandemic kill this group?

    I can't believe my account still exists here. After selling my 2.5 RS in 2006 and starting a family I'm looking at buying a new WRX. I MIGHT even make it to an autocross event this summer.

    Hopefully this place comes alive again.

    How many people are still here from the founding of the group?


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    Hey ChrisM,

    No the club is still going. JoeT, SteveD, Ivano ... still here. Hope to see you at an event with your new WRX!
    formerly SubLeg05

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    That's great to hear! The WRX is on order... no more soccer mom SUV for me

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    We're all planning for the Advanced driving clinic this weekend and 3 track days.. woohoo

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    The 2022 WRX is awesome! Did anyone else buy one?
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